The Pain Relief Clinic – award winning acupuncture in Stowmarket.


When you are caught in the grip of pain, it’s hard to know what to do. But I am here to help! My Stowmarket based Clinic offers professional acupuncture treatment and a needle free alternative – Alphastim®.

When you book an appointment, together we will review your health history and I will work out an appropriate treatment programme. Sometimes this is just acupuncture, sometimes it includes deep tissue massage or the Alphastim. Often it will include dietary or lifestyle advice including simple exercises for you to do at home.

I am a highly trained and experienced acupuncturist, with a background in teaching yoga, meditation, aerobic exercise and weight training.  So you are in safe hands!

If you have not had acupuncture before and have any anxiety about the needles, click on the video link.

A quick word about the Alphastim®Microcurrent Electrotherapy. This does not use needles at all but a very mild electric stimulation, very similar to that which the body itself uses to run your heart and nervous system. Click HERE to find out more about it.

Call Annya on 07841 203 412 or email to book an appointment.

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lee steel

Lee Steel

“Acupuncture has made my life much easier. I know I can get up and go to work feeling awake and alert”

sonia manser

Sonia Manser

“ After two or three sessions there was 90% improvement. After five or six sessions I felt brilliant”