iStock_000009024892XSmallIf you use medication to calm down headache pain fifteen times per month or more, you could be making the problem worse not better. This is according to the guidelines produced by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence this month.

This is particularly in relation to tension type headaches and migraines. It seems that certain headache medicines can become addictive. Your body starts to crave the medication and feels like it is having the same symptoms as a headache. In fact, the headache pain is a sign of a craving for the medication, and is not a “true” headache.

Instead NICE suggest that Acupuncture would be a suitable alternative treatment.

Certainly when I am treating these conditions I have found that a combination of acupuncture along with guasha or cupping (both of which are deep massage type techniques) often helps. I also chat to my patients about certain triggers such as their posture, light levels at work and at home as well as getting their eyes’ checked, all of which may contribute to the problem.

However, sometimes all the obvious bases have already been covered and if acupuncture seems to only be having a limited effect, then I try using the Alphastim instead. There are protocols which combine using the very gentle current through the area of pain along with direct cranial stimulation which can have a beneficial result.

Whilst I can’t claim to be able to solve all the head pain problems that come my way, I certainly aspire to sorting out the majority of them!

Click here to read the NICE guidelines on headaches

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