One of my patients, Jackie, used to teach flower arranging until arthritis in her hands made it too painful to continue. She’d heard about my acupuncture practice from some friends, and as the arthritis impeded more and more of her day-to-day activities she was willing to try anything to achieve a good quality of life.

Arthritis had changed the shape of her fingers and thumbs, which impeded the flow of blood around her knuckles. Once we’d had a good chat about her symptoms and what she would like my treatments to improve, we decided on a combined course of Alphastim and Acupuncture.

Alphastim is a treatment that uses microcurrent electrotherapy to calm down your nervous system when it is sending out lots of pain signals. The very gentle current is just like the natural electricity used in your body to make your muscles and your heart work properly – so it’s particularly effective at providing natural pain relief, without any need for chemical painkillers and their unwanted side-effects such as drowsiness. And if you’re a bit afraid of needles, it’s a good alternative to get the similar benefits of acupuncture, such as pain relief and extra energy.

After a couple of sessions, Jackie was amazed to find all but two of her most painful fingers were now pain-free. With further sessions, we’re working on ridding the pain from these fingers as well.

Arthritis also meant walking was also a problem for Jackie before she came to me. So week before she was about to set off for a holiday in Cornwall, we did a quick acupuncture treatment (each session takes just 45 minutes) to relieve the pain in her feet. When she came back I was really pleased to hear that, thanks to the acupuncture, she was able to go walking without any pain whatsoever.

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