Are trigger points causing you pain?

Trigger points cause real problems for athletes, gardeners, dog walkers, mum’s …in fact anyone with an active lifestyle.

Use this check list to see if you have got trigger points:

  • You have pain in your neck, shoulders, back or legs.
  • When you touch then they are ‘OUCH!’ painful or there is a deep aching sensation.
  • Your normal movements are harder to do.
  • When you do any of your normal activities you feel more tired than usual.

If you can say ‘YES’ to one or more of these questions than you probably have a trigger point or two lurking in your body.

That’s the bad news.

Think of a trigger point like a knot in a rubber band. Stretching the band will cause it to snap, but it will not release the knot. To restore full stretch to that rubber band, you first need to unwind the knot.

But the good news?

Acupuncture unwinds the knot

This is where acupuncture comes in. The acupuncture needle can painlessly release the knot and help your muscles get back to their normal functioning.

The trigger point is basically muscle that has become chronically spasmed, oxygen and glucose are not getting in to supply the fuel your muscle needs, nor can carbon dioxide and other toxins be released.  The acupuncture needle slides in and causes the muscle to relax and unwind.  The muscle fibres can return to their normal length and start to function normally.

Can stretching help trigger points?

A muscle with a trigger point will be too painful to stretch easily.  Plus, if you try to force the stretch you are likely to get muscle strain.

Will the acupuncture be painful?

Unlike pressing into the trigger point area with thumbs, hands or elbows, the super slender acupuncture needle slides in past the hypersensitive tissue around the trigger point.  There is usually no pain whatsoever, just a blissful feeling of relief!

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