Acupuncture Vs Botox for Chronic Migraine

Acupuncture for chronic migraine

Acupuncture for chronic migraine

When you suffer with the nausea and debilitating pain that come with chronic migraines, Botox can seem an attractive option. The Botox procedure is thought to work by the Botulinum toxin temporarily numbing sensitive nodules (known as trigger points), in the muscles of your back, neck and shoulders. These trigger points can cause pain to radiate out into your head, causing migraines.

But the research on whether Botox actually helps or not is still inconclusive. One study found no significant change in head pain between those who were given Botox and those who received placebo injections. So it could be possible that you can get injected with Botulinum for no definite benefit….


Acupuncture is good for migraine

On the other hand acupuncture for migraine has received the green light from NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence). One good reason for this is that acupuncture needles can calm down and release the sensitive nodules and without introducing any foreign substances into your body.


Acupuncture looks for all the contributing factors for migraine

Whilst muscular pain nodules may have their part to play there can often be a mixture of contributing factors to migraine. That is where the beauty of the acupuncture medical system comes into play as it looks at your whole body and mind to see where else migraine triggers could be coming from.

As an acupuncturist I would be asking you questions like these:

  • What are your energy levels like during the week and the weekend?  At work and on holiday? This is because fatigue and low blood sugar due to over exertion can be migraine triggers.
  • What are your eating and drinking patterns like? Do you sweat alot? Dehydration and low blood sugar can play their part in initiating head pain.
  • What are your sleep patterns like? Lack of proper rest has a knock on effect on your energy levels and how well your body copes with everyday stresses.
  • Do you grind your teeth or clench your jaw at night? Teeth grinding and jaw clenching cause fatigue in your facial muscles and that can contribute to pain in your temples and side of your head.
  • What are your working conditions like? Your posture at work and your relationships with your managers and colleagues can all contribute to physical and mental stress and make you vulnerable to headaches.

There are quite a few other possible causes of migraine, too many  to be listed here.  But rest assured your acupuncture consultation will investigate these other possible causes too.  Look at this NHS website for more possible migraine causes.

Help for migraine                                                                                                    

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If you are worried about the needles, don’t be. Have a look and see the ‘Don’t be afraid of needles’ video  and you will see why!


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