Acu-c2rimage-2I am guest editor for the Acupuncturist magazine ‘Acu’

Death sounds like a pretty dire subject to think about, let alone write about don’t you think?

As an acupuncturist I often work with patients who have been bereaved. They could have lost their husband or wife, brother or sister or a child. This presents its own challenges when I am trying to help them. Not only because it forces me to face up to death as a subject but also in how I talk about death with my patient. How I can communicate to them that they can talk to me about how they feel. They can cry if they want to. They are in a safe space.

My editorial explained these challenges and how I have tried to meet them. It also explored a few of the other articles published within the magazine. My favourite one was an interview with Felicity Warner – Soul Midwife. Yes, you got that right, a Soul Midwife. She helps people to die a ‘good death’…which helps them and their families immeasurably. And she trains others to do it too. Some training I think I will be doing in the future too.

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