Alphastim Microcurrent Electrotherapy

Alpha-stim® uses microcurrent electrotherapy for reducing pain and anxiety.

There are two potential ways of using it.  The first is via pads or probes used directly on the painful areas of the body.  These produce tiny electrical pulses that act as ‘pain filters’ and in less pain being experienced.

The second method uses ear-clip electrodes.  These encourage the brain to move into the alpha wave state of calmness and relaxation. Anxiety often makes pain feel worse, but the alpha waves can ease both anxiety and pain down together.

Alpha-stim® can be used if you don’t like needles, but it can be used alongside acupuncture as well.

Alpha-stim® units are available from the Clinic to rent. Call on 07841 203 412 to email to discuss if this might work for you.

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