disectomyPhilippa had two discetomies over a period of four years to try and stop her disc pressing down on her sciatic nerve as it was constantly causing her pain. Two years after that she had a spinal fusion but her pain still didn’t stop. Her Doctor’s told her that her nerve was irreparably damaged….

A friend introduced Philppa to Alphastim, which she used at home. After applying the pads to her hip and back she felt her “body relax and muscles unclench”. After a few days she “felt fantastic”.

Alphastim uses a microelectric current to help calm pain. Sometime’s I use it on its own, sometimes combined with acupuncture. In some cases I rent or lend machines out to patients so they can use it on a daily basis at home. If you want to get an idea of how it works, click on the link below.



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