webEcobrick1Annya Stoddart, who runs the Pain Relief Clinic in Stowmarket town centre, has had her environmentally friendly business recognised by The Green Light Trust.

Annya’s clinic, which offers acupuncture to ease painful conditions including arthritis and migraines, has just been awarded a Low Carbon Charter Mark.

The Charter Mark recognises Annya running her clinic in an environmentally friendly way, including turning her clinic’s waste into environmentally friendly logs.

Annya, who has run the acupuncture clinic for over four years, said: “I am delighted to win this award, it is so important to do all we can to care for our environment.

“I had undertaken a carbon audit, using a spreadsheet provided by the Green Light Trust. This involved logging my practice’s energy use, travel and waste to calculate my carbon footprint.

“The good news was that my carbon footprint was already quite low, although practicing acupuncture does mean that I generate a fair amount of paper and plastic waste from couch rolls, needle packets and boxes.

“When all of this goes to landfill it produces a big carbon footprint. However, when it is composted or burnt, the carbon footprint dramatically reduces.

“So the first part of my plan was to separate my paper and plastic into plastic bins. The plastic is going into my home recycling bin and the paper either goes into my compost heap or it is soaked for about three days and then squeezed in a log maker to form briquettes.

“The briquettes take about two weeks to dry out and so my paper waste produces about two to three briquettes a week and a briquette burns for about 20 minutes or so, the equivalent of small rough cuts of wood.

“The second part of my plan was to stop using paper for my consultations, and to record them electronically using an Ipad. I have found an app that enables me to use a form I have designed to make notes on, exactly as if I was using paper. I have also found a diary app so I can stop using a paper based diary.”

Annya will review her carbon footprint again during February next year and see how much she has produced. She will then use that calculation to plant a tree, or trees, to offset the lower amount of carbon her business now produces.

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