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Spreading the word about the effectiveness of acupuncture for back pain, the app will include access to a database of UK acupuncturists.

Patients often ask me how they can help their friends and relatives not local to Stowmarket find an acupuncturist. So far I have just provided them with the link to the British Acupuncture Council who hold a database about acupuncturists like myself.

With the release of this app, finding an acupuncturist will become even easier. I would always recommend checking to see if an acupuncturist is registered with the Council. You should see the BAcC logo on their website (see mine at the bottom of this page) or the letters BAcC after their name somewhere in their blurb. Why? Well the BAcC ensures we work safely and ethically, that we are properly qualified and that we have kept up to date with changes in healthcare within the acupuncture field. So you should be in safe hands…

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