Pain Relief Clinic – achieving the Low Carbon Charter Award

Back in 2012 I was accepted onto the Low Carbon Mentoring scheme, a joint venture between Suffolk County Council and the University of Essex with the training and mentoring delivered by The Green Light Trust.  The idea was to help businesses identify what their carbon footprint was and how they could improve it.

Having been accepted on the scheme, I was introduced to a “Carbon Log” calculator which I could utilise to measure my own carbon use. Having gone through this I was pleased to discover that the Pain Relief Clinic was already a Low Carbon business. My main areas of carbon generation were on my transport to work (I drive) and in the waste I produced; couch roll, needle packaging etc.

In order to get my Low Carbon Award I needed to produce a Strategy and an Action Plan.  I decided to follow the Low Carbon exhortation of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” in writing and implementing both.

I planned to reduce my use of paper (and the need for physical storage space) by moving to an electronic means of recording patient data and consultation notes. With the help of the Low Carbon mentoring team I found out that Ipads are the most low carbon product in their field  so this was purchased and has since been put to very good use.  If you come for an acupuncture consultation with me, I will be taking down your diagnostic information on it as well as recording appointment bookings and getting electronic signatures for documents like the Informed Consent form.

On the Reuse side, I purchased an “Eco-log” maker. This involved soaking any waste paper for a few days and then squashing it together to make an “Eco log”. We now burn this on our fire to heat our house.

And for the Recycling, I bought a couple of plastic boxes that I could use in the clinic to separate out the paper waste from the plastic. The plastic could then be put in our domestic recycle bin at home.

I was given my Low Carbon Award in Sept 2012.

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