Dr-Chris-SteelewDr Chris Steele realised he was getting to that age where osteoarthritis can start affecting your joints and in his case, it was affecting the vertebrae in his lower back. Any movement was difficult, but particularly bending over to get socks or shoes on or leaning forward in order to get off the sofa.

After diagnosing himself he started using the usual pain killers and anti-inflammatories that any GP would prescribe for this sort of situation. Dr Steele said that “after I found using my own prescription was not terribly effective I started using the Alphastim. The effects of this were quite something else. It got me through a painful episode and I have been more or less pain free ever since”.

What a brilliant result! One of the reasons I use the Alphastim is that there are times when gentle acupuncture techniques are not enough and rather than using the more powerful but less tolerable ways of stimulating the needle, using this ultra low current is a good alternative.

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