Whilst acupuncture is really helpful for reducing musculoskeletal pain, I love to empower patients with the knowledge to support and speed up their healing in their every day life…

…and be able to use this knowledge and awareness to prevent painful problems re-occurring.

The Enterprising Women Bursary was awarded in 2009 (£1600) and enabled me to attend the ‘Anatomy Series for Yoga Teachers’ run by renowned instructor Gary Carter.

The knowledge I gained on the Anatomy course, combined with my Yoga Teacher qualifications and teaching experience helps me train patients to be more mindful of their posture and movement.

Once patients become more aware of how they are standing, sitting or walking, it may become clearer this could be aggravating the discomfort they feel.

By making a simple shift in how they’re standing sitting or walking to its possible for patients to make themselves feel more at ease.  This shift could be (for example):

  • Changing the alignment of their feet when they stand.
  • Standing up straight rather than leaning all their weight into one hip.
  • Moving the location of a chair to they can watch TV without twisting.