This was awarded in 2009 (£1600) and enabled me to attend the ‘Anatomy Series for Yoga Teachers’ run by renowned instructor Gary Carter. The Pain Relief Clinic business strategy was to link Acupuncture more closely with Yoga to help patients after they had left the treatment space:

Often patients suffering with pain can be helped with acupuncture but they need to develop strength, flexibility and better alignment to help prevent problems in the future”.

The Anatomy Training in was completed 2010 and that anatomy knowledge has been used to help formulate acupuncture treatments and the exercise advice given to patients.

I have written a Guide to Pain Free Posture which you can find HERE


Enterprising Women Bursary Award

Warrior Pose – good for leg strength and stretching the groin. You can also create more space in the heart and lung area, which can be good for calming you down.

Not everyone can stand to an exercise like this – in which case I teach them to do them either from sitting in a chair or lying down.

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