allan_newGenie wishes for pain relief….granted

As MD of Newsletter Genie, a company specialising in writing, designing, coding, checking and distributing email newsletters as a managed service for our clients, I spend large amounts of my time in front of a computer. Much of my work requires fast and accurate keyboard work combined with careful use of the mouse – so when I developed the first signs of repetitive stress injury in my right arm I was seriously concerned.

As it happens, Annya Stoddart is one of my clients, so I was already well aware of her services – but when a family friend told me that he had found acupuncture was the only real solution to his own RSI, I gave Annya a call and made an appointment straight away.

To my delight, Annya’s treatment – combined with sensible measures to reduce and control the stress – quickly restored full mobility, cleared the annoying (and debilitating) pains I’d been feeling when moving my wrist and arm, and ensured I could continue working as normal.
Since then Annya has also been treating a foot injury, with equally good results.

I’m more than happy to recommend Annya’s services to anyone who needs to control pain – and (best of all) I’ve had to take very little in the way of painkillers during both healing processes.

Allan Scott
Managing Director, Newsletter Genie Ltd

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