Within Suffolk our local GP’s have grouped themselves into two Clincial Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) and for the Stowmarket area this means we come under the Ipswich and East Suffolk group.

Based on the performance of the Suffolk NHS last year and also in response to government priorities for healthcare, the Ipswich and East CCG have come up with a list of priorities and targets to meet. These targets include improvements in health, often by increasing the amount of health support out of hospital and in our local communities. The targets also include financial savings.

The details of these targets can now be found on the website for the Ipswich and East CCG, under the QIPP Summary. QIPP by the way, stands for Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention. Look on the CCG website under About Us and click on the QIPP link to see what it says.

To me the objectives that the CCG have set themselves sound good and seem to make sense on the surface. But the proof of the pudding will be in the eating as they say and that of course is the sort of service that patients actually recieve in reality.

If you have a view or an experience to share then you can give feedback via the CCG website. Or of course you can tell me when you come for an acupuncture treatment. Often patients who come to see me feel let down by the NHS system or don’t want to treated via the NHS in the first place. It is these sorts of viewpoints I can share with the CCG Executive via one of my voluntary roles on the NHS Community Reference Group. You never know, between us we might be able to actually change how our health services work (well, I hope so anyway)!

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