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Acupuncture Vs Botox for Chronic Migraine

Acupuncture Vs Botox for Chronic Migraine When you suffer with the nausea and debilitating pain that come with chronic migraines, Botox can seem an attractive option. The Botox procedure is thought to work by the Botulinum toxin temporarily numbing sensitive nodules (known as trigger points), in the

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Do you suffer with anxiety

Do you suffer with anxiety? The research project with Anxiety UK wants to find out what the profile of an anxiety sufferer is (for example, does it affect women more than men?). They also want to find out what your current coping strategies are. It is acknowledged

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Acupuncturist magazine

I am guest editor for the Acupuncturist magazine ‘Acu’ Death sounds like a pretty dire subject to think about, let alone write about don’t you think? As an acupuncturist I often work with patients who have been bereaved. They could have lost their husband or wife, brother

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Acupuncture liaison group

Would you be part of a national acupuncture liaison group? The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) would like patients who have had treatment from a BAcC member (like me) to help review their work. They are working hard to enable acupuncture to become a more widely accepted treatment

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Green Room Anniversary

Green Room Anniversary To celebrate the 10 year anniversary we had a special feature commissioned in the local magazine Spotlight on Stowmarket. The photographer Lisa and Editor Peter came along a few weeks ago to interview and photograph us. The feature has just been published in the

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Acupuncture. It’s not all needles!

Acupuncture. It’s not all needles! I use Gua Sha most frequently on back, neck and shoulder problems. I usually palpate these areas on new patients to find out if they have areas of muscle that feel tight, stringy, knotted or hard. These rigid areas of tissue are

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Acupuncture improves biomarkers

Acupuncture improves biomarkers A biomarker (short for biological marker) is a substance in your body like a protein or a hormone which can be measured to see how much of it is present. When you have a blood test organised by your GP, the test will be

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Hospitals use acupuncture after operations

Hospitals use acupuncture after operations Specially trained anaesthetists have been trialling the use of Pericardium 6 to help prevent post operative nausea for a number of years. There has been so much research done on this acupuncture point, that the World Health Organisation concluded that using it

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