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MRI brain scan

An MRI brain scan shows where acupuncture works Presenter Dr Salehya Ahsan was under the MRI scanner whilst she had one acupuncture point in her hand needled. She was really surprised by the results as they clearly showed that the Pain Matrix part of the brain was

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Newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky

Newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky uses acupuncture for back pain Back pain is pretty common and can be a real pain in b—, quite literally in some cases. Back pain is most frequently in the lower back, sometimes radiating down in the buttock, or groin and down the leg

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Geoff Boycott

Cricketer Geoff Boycott beat cancer with acupuncture After getting the cancer diagnosis Geoff got himself through the treatment by tackling one day at a time. After finishing the chemo and radiotherapy he had lost a lot of weight, had suffered painful burns on his throat and had

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Use acupressure to help your anxiety, stress or frontal headache This acupuncture point is great for calming your mind. It’s called Yintang, which is translated as Hall of Impression. It is located between your eyebrows and above the ridge of your nose, or in other words right

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Health Committee Inquiry

Health Committee Inquiry into the care of long term health conditions like arthritis The Commons Health Select Committee have just published their Inquiry into Long Term Health Conditions. These are defined as those for which there is no cure but they can be controlled with the use

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Acupressure DIY for your Sinuses Not only can Sinusitis drain your energy but it can be pretty painful too. Plus there can be a nagging problem with phlegm and constantly needing to blow your nose or clear your throat. So what can you do about it? Well,

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Jenni Murray

Jenni Murray’s Sciatica after a hip operation Jenni (in article in the Daily Mail) said she was petrified after she had stepped into the bath and felt a searing pain through her buttock, then her leg when numb and she felt as though the leg would give

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Activated Patients

Are you an ‘Activated Patient’? Apparently this ‘ground breaking’ research has found that patients who are ‘overwhelmed with the task of managing their health’ and who have ‘little confidence in their ability to have a positive impact on their health’ cost the NHS more money. They are

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World Health Organisation Report

World Health Organisation Report on Traditional & Complementary Medicines Emphasis was on maintaining health and prevention rather than curing disease. That said, Traditional & Complementary Medicine (T&CM) is frequently used for the treatment of chronic health conditions. This modality of treatment was found to be important in

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Cancer Patients

Cancer Patients helped by acupuncturists This is my report of research to find out more about therapeutic relationships, what’s important about them both for the patient and the practitioner. In this investigation, fourteen breast cancer patients had acupuncture as part of their treatment regime during chemotherapy and

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