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Acupuncture, depression & chronic pain

Acupuncture, depression & chronic pain. Which works best, acupuncture, counselling or usual care? Last month I attended the Acupuncture Research Symposium where some of the findings from research comparing acupuncture, counselling and usual care were presented. I have family members who suffer with depression, so I was

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Acupuncture and Personal Budgets

Acupuncture and Personal Budgets Personal Budget funding is part of a Government initiative to allow more personalisation of your care…in other words you have much more choice and power over how you spend this money, it’s use isn’t dictated to you from your local Council. You can

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Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel gets the point! The picture on the right is the press release the Inner Wheel sent to Stowmarket Spotlight magazine, with a picture of Yours Truly doing the demo needling on my willing volunteers. The text in the article says: ‘In February, at our first

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Best practice

Best practice philosophy vs best practitioner philosophy…where does acupuncture lie? I have been banging on the doors of my local GPs and NHS for, ooh I would say about 5 years now. I have been trying to raise awareness of acupuncture and its benefits, for example, NICE

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MPs and acupuncture

MPs and acupuncture Nick Pahl, the BAcC Chief Executive has been talking to MPs from both the right and the left side of the House. He comments “I have been surprised to find how open-minded right to centre politicians are, with a real understanding of the construct

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Getting rid of a pain in the neck

Getting rid of a pain in the neck! This exercise approach is what I recommended to one patient. Here is her feedback: Dear Annya, Following my 2 visits to you I thought I would just give you an update. I have been to have a one 2

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interesting talk on acupuncture

Thank you for such an interesting talk on acupuncture! I had a lovely surprise when I came into clinic this week – a letter of thanks from the ladies section of the Rotary Club – the ‘Inner Wheel’. I did a talk for them which included a

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Free Acupuncture Consultations

Free Acupuncture Consultations on 7th March For the last couple of years the British Acupuncture Council (my governing body) have been running an Awareness Week to do exactly that – raise awareness of how acupuncture can help you. Last year was really successful with a large number

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U turn on advice

U turn on advice to avoid Paracetamol Last year NICE issues draft guidance to GPs to avoid using paracetamol for managing osteoarthritic pain. But this advice has been questioned by the RCGP (Royal College of General Practitioners), the Primary Care Rhematology Society and the British Society of

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Riding your deep relaxation

Riding your deep relaxation (Alpha) wave Alphawaves – the subject of a recent conference I attended called ‘All in the Mind’. I was interested in finding out more about how I could help patients with chronic pain. In many cases these patients are afraid of moving in

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