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Genie wishes for pain relief

Genie wishes for pain relief….granted As MD of Newsletter Genie, a company specialising in writing, designing, coding, checking and distributing email newsletters as a managed service for our clients, I spend large amounts of my time in front of a computer. Much of my work requires fast

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What a relief

What a relief! Dear Annya, Among the worse instructions a Doctor can give a busy business owner like me is the order to take a week off work and rest with my leg up! There is no sick pay for the self-employed. Nevertheless when my knee became

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Should we be paying to see the GP

Should we be paying to see the GP or to use A&E? Its a shame such a question even needs to be asked, but as we often hear on the news, the NHS has limited funding and more and more demands on its time and resources…somehow the

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Cranial Electrotherapy

Cranial Electrotherapy boosts the feel good chemicals in our bodies. I went on a Alphastim training update a few weeks ago and was powerfully reminded of how effective the cranial therapy can be. This is largely to do with its ability to increase the levels of endorphins

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Working together with BackCare

Working together with Spreading the word about the effectiveness of acupuncture for back pain, the app will include access to a database of UK acupuncturists. Patients often ask me how they can help their friends and relatives not local to Stowmarket find an acupuncturist. So

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Electro acupuncture inspiration

Electro-acupuncture inspiration! Last week I had the pleasant task of doing some ‘continuing professional development’ (as a member of the British Acupuncture Council I have to keep my skills up to date by doing at least 30 hours of training per year). This day’s training was on

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Bloated, tired, full of wind? Acupuncture can help.

The University of York have this month published a study investigating whether having acupuncture alongside the normal medications you can use for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) makes a difference. And the good news is that it does. Both GP’s and patients have expressed concerns over the current

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Acupuncture under the Spotlight

Following on from Arthritis Research UK publishing its results showing how effective acupuncture can be, this article looks at whats involved and at the possible mechanisms that could explain how acupuncture works. One of the changes that acupuncture seems to encourage is the increase in the activity

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