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Calming down anxiety

An article about using Alphastim for anxiety has recently been printed in Woman magazine. It profiled Debra Graham, a complementary therapist who has always been prone to feeling anxiety at time of stress. In 2009 she moved home and was also at risk of losing her business

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Acupuncture helped me drive again

A mother who injured her back after a fall on holiday which left her unable to drive and taking up to 26 painkillers a day is now free of all her medication and has her life back. Sonia Manser, 42, fell while on holiday in Nottingham earlier

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Your Health Care. Targets set by local GP’s.

Within Suffolk our local GP’s have grouped themselves into two Clincial Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) and for the Stowmarket area this means we come under the Ipswich and East Suffolk group. Based on the performance of the Suffolk NHS last year and also in response to government priorities

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Acupuncture helps headaches!

If you use medication to calm down headache pain fifteen times per month or more, you could be making the problem worse not better. This is according to the guidelines produced by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence this month. This is particularly in relation to tension

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Acupuncture helps chronic pain

Acupuncture was compared with “normal care” and with what has been thought of as “placebo” acupuncture in a ground breaking collaboration. Normal care consists of pain killers and anti inflammatory medication. The placebo treatment is one which uses a needle type object to press on but not

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Acupuncture keeps you blooming in old age

One of my patients, Jackie, used to teach flower arranging until arthritis in her hands made it too painful to continue. She’d heard about my acupuncture practice from some friends, and as the arthritis impeded more and more of her day-to-day activities she was willing to try

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