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Acupuncture has measurable effects on your brain!

Since running The Pain Relief Clinic, I’ve endless success stories of people whose lives are transformed after treatment and go on to enjoy good health. And yet, some people need convincing. Now, following recently published research which reviewed over 700 MRI scan studies, I can say stimulating

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How Electrotherapy Helps Pain

Modern TENS machines use very small electrical currents similar to those used by the body’s own nervous system. This video briefly explains how they work using video stills taken from my talk at the PMR AGM… Thanks to for the videography, editing and sound. Click on

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A patient revolution in West Suffolk?

A patient revolution hits West Suffolk The start of the conference was pretty conventional – about 100 people sitting in a semi circle with a “high table” for the men in suits. A presentation followed about the health issues that face Suffolk and therefore the objectives that

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Life changing treatment

A WAR veteran who was in so much pain he had to take 19 painkillers a day has been taken off all his medication by his GP and feels he has got his life back. Bernard Martin, 85, from Stowmarket, who served in the Far East during

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