web-front-coverIf you have listened to the interview I did with James Hazell in the previous Clinic News item then you will know he asked if I enjoyed my job as an acupuncturist. My answer was a resounding YES! And Sonia and Bernard are perfect examples of why.

When I first met Sonia she was doubled up in pain. She couldn’t stand or sit properly, but after her treatment she was able to walk out of the treatment room with such a look of relief on her face. Who wouldn’t feel they had had a good day at work when you get that sort of feedback?!

And Bernard is always guaranteed to make me smile. He still comes in regularly for maintenance treatment and there is nothing I like to hear more than to hear him say “I am as fit as a butcher’s dog”!

Whilst we haven’t made the front cover we are on page 105. If you click on the link you can go straight to the article.

Many thanks to John Howard from Ripple PR for getting this coverage for the Clinic 🙂

click here to read more about Sonia & Bernard

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