This year’s format will be similar to last year’s. After an inital discussion about the Francis Report and how to ensure the mistakes made in Mid Staffs cannot occur in Suffolk, once again the floor will be open to anyone to raise an agenda item.

Last year I asked about how acupuncturists could communicate with local GP’s (and be listened too) and was directed to the “Any Qualified Provider System (AQP)”. If you pass the AQP then you are deemed to have met the criteria to bid for contracts within the NHS.

This did not really answer my question. I would like to have some conversations with some local GP’s before I spend alot of time and energy on doing the AQP paperwork. And I would like to know there is some definite interest in running some specialist acupuncture clinics too.

Perhaps there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The WSCCG have run some events where local medical teams have met up with Voluntary Groups to find out what services are locally available to help patients. I have suggested they could do the same for local complementary therapists…

I also plan to be at the next Patient Revolution Conference on 1st May. Perhaps you would like to join me? If you do,
you can book your place at the event, which runs from 9.30am to 1pm, by calling
01284 774 794 or emailing

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