Meridian Channels head 200 pixI find endlessly fascinating as an acupuncturist to see how treatment creates change inside a patient’s body and their mind. My observations and patient’s own experiences suggest that acupuncture brings them back to a point of equilibrium…less pain and a calmer state of mind.

As part of maintaining my licence to practice Acupuncture, it is a requirement to attend ‘continuous professional development’ sessions. The most recent was to attend a workshop hosted by Guys Hospital. The subject centred around the brain and out of that study session, one aspect I was particularly fascinated by was Cerebral-Spinal Fluid or CSF. It is a vital component in keeping the brain safe.

The CSF is not static. It is continuously refreshed, moving through the various regions of the brain and spinal cord. The workshop considerably expanded my understanding of natural processes that happen continuously… I was bowled over by the amazing self regulating system that maintains the CSF and keeps its properties at optimum levels. When all is working well, the CSF keeps our brain physically and chemically balanced.

So, how does all this relate to what I do as an acupuncturist?

I treat a number of cases that centre about mental / emotional issues or headaches. After attending one of the most interesting workshops, I wonder if the points that are used to treat such maladies help to restore balance to the CSF… The points I use are known to help lift patient’s spirits and their energy when they are feeling down, for reducing pain as well as having a calming effect. It is interesting to speculate that the effect of acupuncture treatment passes beyond the skull and helps bring the brain back into balance.

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