What a relief!

Dear Annya,

Among the worse instructions a Doctor can give a busy business owner like me is the order to take a week off work and rest with my leg up! There is no sick pay for the self-employed.

Nevertheless when my knee became swollen and painful, I dutifully followed Doctor’s orders, and rested.

However, though my knee had improved by the end of the week, it was still very painful, and was causing me major problems including driving. Not good when your business covers East Anglia!

Then I had my first session at the Pain Relief Clinic – and what a difference! The pain reduced dramatically in the very first session, and I was able to walk up and down stairs without clinging to the bannisters.

Each subsequent session built on that improvement, so that after four sessions I was able to contemplate my walking holiday with enjoyment rather than dread.

Annya, I cannot tell you adequately what a difference The Pain Relief Clinic has made to my life – and I would unhesitatingly recommend your professionalism and your competence to anyone seeking treatment. Highly recommended!

Yours sincerely
Kate Kelly

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